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High School Entrance Examinations June 27th, 28th and 29th,1900

High School Entrance ExaminationsJune 27th, 28th and 29th, 1900

Glengarry County

The number of Marks possible to obtain 1,100. Minimum to pass 550

Number of Pupils examined at Alexandria 61; at Maxville, 50. total for Alexandria High School District, comprising Kenyon, Lochiel and Maxville, 117. Number at Williamstown, 40; at Lancaster, 26,; at North Lancaster, 15. Total for the Williamstown High School District, composed of, Charlottenburgh, Lancaster and Lancaster village, 81.



Name Mark Teacher
Roderick Carey 684 Miss E Kennedy
John A Cuthbert 611 Miss F Corbett
Peter Gelineau 554 Miss M Cameron
John J Irvine 670 Miss ___ Carlyle
G C Kirk 641 P A Shaver
William Lebeouf 696 Miss Kennedy?
David Markson 707 P A Shaver
Simpson Markson 692 Miss ____ Carlyle
James McKenzie 713 Miss ____ McSweyn
Donald McDonald 614 Miss C McDonell
Gordon McDonald 684 Archibald Cameron
Archibald Mcgillivray 605 Miss ____ Carlyle
Roderick McMillan 641 Miss ____ Carlyle
Roderick McLeod 639 H McIntosh
Abraham Poirier 586 Miss F Corbett
Annie A Cattanach 587 Miss ____ Carlyle
Lizzie Hayden 646 Convent, Alexandria
Mary Bell Heath 552 Miss M Stuart
Alice Huot 631 Convent, Alexandria
Rosa Larocque 655 Convent, Alexandria
Mary McFarlane 651 Miss ____ Carlyle
Mary MacKenzie 554 Miss c Campbell
Annie McLeod 579 D J Stewart
Kate Anne McLeod 643 D J Stewart
Hattie McMartin 694 Convent, Alexandria
Katie M Millan 709 H McIntosh
Jemima McPhee 621 Convent, Alexandria
Maud Shaver 555 Miss ____ Carlyle
Rosie Trottier 550 Miss C Campbell

Average total marks of admitted candidates 636


Archibald Christie 616 Wilfred Kennedy
Angus? Kennedy 642 Wilfred Kennedy
James A McArthur? 554 Miss E J McGregor
Ben D McDougall 617 Miss E J McGregor
Wallace MacKenzie 616 John A McLeod
George Leslie McKercher 624 Miss ____ McDiarmid
John McLennan 561 Miss ____ Gordon
Ebenezer D McNaughton 678 Wilfred Kennedy
David McRae 662 Miss E J McGregor
Clara J Bennet 562 Miss McDiarmid
Sarah Ann Campbell 556 John A McLeod
Ethel Christie 715 Wilfred Kennedy
Ida Gallinger 554 Miss M Aird
Margaret A Morrison 551 Wilfred Kennedy
Florence Munroe 571 Wilfred Kennedy
Catherine Elma McArthur 615 Miss M Aird
Olive C McEwan 564 Miss M Munroe
Ellen McLennan 566 Miss ____ Gordon
Effie McNaughton 609 Miss Gordon
Clotilda McRae 553 M MacKenzie
Maggie A McRae 613 Miss C Aird
Laura M Weegar 581 Miss E J McGregor
Average total marks of admitted candidates 599


Clarence Cattanach 612 H H Christie
Fred Christie 711 W B McEwan
Clifford Clark 550 Miss ____ Synder
Hugh M Grant 646 Miss M McDonald
James McBain 551 H H Christie
James McCallum 693 W B McEwan
Alex D McDougall 681 Miss C McGillis
Ross McEwan 603 W B McEwan
Ernest McGregor 613 Miss J Dingwall
James Sandilands 643 Miss F Cumming
Annie M Campbell 638 W B McEwan
Agnes A Joubert 550 H H Christie
Victoria Larocque 552 Miss J McGillis
D McCrimmon 554 H H Christie
Leila McDermid 627 Miss G McDonald
Kate M McLennan 555 Miss L Dingwall
Maggie McMartin 551 W B McEwan
Leila Perry 576 Miss ____ Blondin
Ethel Ross 811 H H Christie
Lillie Ross 675 Miss ____ Blondin
Ida C Sangster 555 Miss L Dingwall
Lillie Shiells 734 Miss ____ Bowen
Jane A Taillon 670 H H Christie

Average total marks of admitted candidates 623


Roderick McDonald 619 D D McCrimmon
Murdoch S McLeod 554 D D McCrimmon
William J McPherson 553 Miss C J McDonald
Josepuinus? Sayant 560 D D McCrimmon

Average total marks of admitted candidates 571


Dawson McLean 693 Mr ____ Hood
Florence Davidson 657 Miss B McDiarmid
Florence Edgerton 657 Miss B McDiarmid
A __________ 550 Miss W B McBain
____________ 641 Miss B McDiarmid
Etie? McIntosh 567 Miss B McDiarmid
Florence Quinn ___ Miss W B McBain

Average total marks of admitted candidates 603

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