Sunday, November 8, 2015

Honouring Our 44th Anniversary 1971-2015


Honouring  Our 44th Anniversary 1971-2015 -- 
A genealogy and publishing journey of Alex W  Fraser  and Rhoda Ross

In early October after burning the selected CDs, a total of 47 copies were mailed out of the combo MacDonalds of Loupe, Lundie and Fraser connections and Gravestones of Glengarry Vol. 15 the Master Index. This includes 2 copies of this work to the Legal Deposit, Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa, Ontario This is a Special Limited edition of only 47 CDs.

Each of these CD's were individually checked. I check a number of files on each CD without any problems in accessing those same files

There was an extra bonus to 15 recipients. This bonus added 6 additional indices giving them a total a 115,193 name entries

As of Dec 25th, 2015,  13 recipients have acknowledged receipt of the 44th anniversary CD.   To those 13 my sincere thanks.

Also as of Nov 30th there have been only 1 return of the Combo CD as a result of wrong addresses

The following have a complete set of Gravestones of Glengarry Series hard copy, including Vol. 15 Master Index on CD
SDG County Library, Cornwall, Ontario
National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland
Mid continent Library, Independence, Missouri
Legal Deposit, Library & Archives Canada, Ottawa, Ontario.

Below is a copy of the introduction letter that went with each CD.  

Alex , at 6 ft 4 in, standing beside stack of published 
titles representing over 32,000 pages  of                          Gravestones of Glengarry series in 15 volumes by 
material on Glengarry County and area                                  Alex W Fraser and Rhoda Ross 1976-2015

                      Sep1971 - 2015 Sep


We are celebrating our 44th anniversary on this genealogy and publishing journey that started in 1971.  In spite –– of the all the uncertainty, up and downs along the way, much has been accomplished.

To honour this anniversary of 44 years, a random section of 44 in total, individual people as well as some groups, across 3 continents some who supported us on and off through the 44 year and some who did not, are being sent a complimentary copy on CD of the Master Index of Gravestones of Glengarry, 43,597 entries as well as a complimentary copy of the MacDonalds of Loupe. Lundie and Fraser Connections, see read me first how to use this file of 34,034 entries with Family Notes. 

This combination totals over 77,631 references to people in one way or another who are or have family connects to Glengarry County and area.  This collection if printed out would be in the range of about 4,000 pages. The Master Index of Gravestones of Glengarry when printed out will be a little over 900 pages.

Family Notes Folder contains over 3 gigs with numerous files on background family information, including more than 200 completed questionnaires in part on various area families done by members of the Glengarry Genealogical Society in the 1980’s. Many family charts to review. Also references to U E Loyalist families, [from William D Reid,  Loyalists in Ontario] many references to the Dictionary of Glengarry Biography by Royce MacGillivray

Yes, there will probably be some over lapping, nevertheless a big gang of connections to get acquainted with.  This does not mean that you will find everything you are looking for in your family connections. It does offer the possibility of some names you find that could lead you closer to what you are actually looking for in your family research. Then again there might be nothing useful to you in this collection other than this gift you are receiving  

With over 32,000 pages of material published on this journey, the equivalent of about 200 single titled books of 160 pages each. 

Enjoy the journey.  Use the information wisely and respectively.  We are giving back

This  enclosed CD information, index is all subject to further clarification and correction should new information come about to enhance this work or put it into a better perspective, or otherwise.

take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser  Rhoda Ross
Courtney, BC Canada
Aug/Nov 2015