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Honouring Our 44th Anniversary 1971-2015


Honouring  Our 44th Anniversary 1971-2015 -- 
A genealogy and publishing journey of Alex W  Fraser  and Rhoda Ross

In early October after burning the selected CDs, a total of 47 copies were mailed out of the combo MacDonalds of Loupe, Lundie and Fraser connections and Gravestones of Glengarry Vol. 15 the Master Index. This includes 2 copies of this work to the Legal Deposit, Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa, Ontario This is a Special Limited edition of only 47 CDs.

Each of these CD's were individually checked. I check a number of files on each CD without any problems in accessing those same files

There was an extra bonus to 15 recipients. This bonus added 6 additional indices giving them a total a 115,193 name entries

As of Dec 25th, 2015,  13 recipients have acknowledged receipt of the 44th anniversary CD.   To those 13 my sincere thanks.

Also as of Nov 30th there have been only 1 return of the Combo CD as a result of wrong addresses

The following have a complete set of Gravestones of Glengarry Series hard copy, including Vol. 15 Master Index on CD
SDG County Library, Cornwall, Ontario
National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland
Mid continent Library, Independence, Missouri
Legal Deposit, Library & Archives Canada, Ottawa, Ontario.

Below is a copy of the introduction letter that went with each CD.  

Alex , at 6 ft 4 in, standing beside stack of published 
titles representing over 32,000 pages  of                          Gravestones of Glengarry series in 15 volumes by 
material on Glengarry County and area                                  Alex W Fraser and Rhoda Ross 1976-2015

                      Sep1971 - 2015 Sep


We are celebrating our 44th anniversary on this genealogy and publishing journey that started in 1971.  In spite –– of the all the uncertainty, up and downs along the way, much has been accomplished.

To honour this anniversary of 44 years, a random section of 44 in total, individual people as well as some groups, across 3 continents some who supported us on and off through the 44 year and some who did not, are being sent a complimentary copy on CD of the Master Index of Gravestones of Glengarry, 43,597 entries as well as a complimentary copy of the MacDonalds of Loupe. Lundie and Fraser Connections, see read me first how to use this file of 34,034 entries with Family Notes. 

This combination totals over 77,631 references to people in one way or another who are or have family connects to Glengarry County and area.  This collection if printed out would be in the range of about 4,000 pages. The Master Index of Gravestones of Glengarry when printed out will be a little over 900 pages.

Family Notes Folder contains over 3 gigs with numerous files on background family information, including more than 200 completed questionnaires in part on various area families done by members of the Glengarry Genealogical Society in the 1980’s. Many family charts to review. Also references to U E Loyalist families, [from William D Reid,  Loyalists in Ontario] many references to the Dictionary of Glengarry Biography by Royce MacGillivray

Yes, there will probably be some over lapping, nevertheless a big gang of connections to get acquainted with.  This does not mean that you will find everything you are looking for in your family connections. It does offer the possibility of some names you find that could lead you closer to what you are actually looking for in your family research. Then again there might be nothing useful to you in this collection other than this gift you are receiving  

With over 32,000 pages of material published on this journey, the equivalent of about 200 single titled books of 160 pages each. 

Enjoy the journey.  Use the information wisely and respectively.  We are giving back

This  enclosed CD information, index is all subject to further clarification and correction should new information come about to enhance this work or put it into a better perspective, or otherwise.

take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser  Rhoda Ross
Courtney, BC Canada
Aug/Nov 2015

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GLENGARRY HISTORY 'GHS' of upcoming events and Glengarry Archives

Just received the lastest newsletter from

GLENGARRY HISTORY  'GHS'  of upcoming events

September 3rd 2015 The Canadian Flag and the Glengarry Connection. Mackie Robertson
October 1st  2015 John McLennan, 1821-1893 and the Church in the Wildwood David Clifford
November 5th 2015 The Life and Times of Major the Very Rev. Ewen J. Macdonald MC.Allan J MacDonald
December 3rd 2015Glengarry and World War and the First War #4
Up the Line and Down the Line      Robin Flockton
January 7th, 2016 Family Reminiscences 1914-18  GHS Members
February 4th 2016 History of Maple Syrup    Gary Ivens
March 3rd 2016 John Rae and "Political Economy" in 1834.   David Anderson
April 7th 2016  J T. Schell: Alexandria Industrialist. Dan Lanken
May 5th 2016  Annual General Meeting
Members $5.00
Non-Members $10.00
Non-members and the general public are welcome to attend
Information: or

Glengarry Archives
After a decade of discussion, the Glengarry Historical Society decided to establish an Archives as its 50th anniversary project. Over the years many documents had been both donated to and collected by the Glengarry Historical Society and these had been stored at a number of locations throughout the County.
In January 2012, thanks to the generosity of Barry MacDonald, the bulk of the documents were moved from their various locations to the Priest's Mill in Alexandria. Almost immediately it became clear that we had insufficient space to do more than basic sorting. By May of 2012, the hunt was on for a larger accommodation. Thanks to David Anderson and Bernie MacCulloch, a meeting was arranged with the Ian MacLeod and Chris McDonell, the Mayors of South and North Glengarry in May. The objective of the meeting was for the Society to obtain a lease on the vacant Glengarry Land Registry Office in Alexandria. It was at this point that the two Mayors became interested in the potential for a Glengarry County Archives. Shortly after the May meeting the Society was able to enlist the help of a new GHS member, Allan J. MacDonald. Allan was formerly Deputy Archivist for Ontario.
In due course space was negotiated with the Upper Canada District School Board to house an Archives in the former French section of Glengarry District High School The partners in this development are the Townships of North Glengarry arid South Glengarry, Glengarry History and the Glengarry News. Allan J. MacDonald has been nominated County Archivist by both Townships. Though this is an honorary position, it nonetheless is an appointment of great importance. The County Archivist will be responsible for the management of records and archives stored under his care
The Board of Glengarry History voted to invest $20,000 in the Corporation that will govern the Glengarry County Archive.  All archival material, including the D. A_ Macdonald Collection, is on permanent loan to the Glengarry County Archives..
The D A Macdonald Collection
During the course of 2012-2013, Glengarry History collected all the papers of D. A. MacDonald, former MP for Glengarry and Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. The documents were retrieved by Dane Lanken in perfect condition after 150 years of storage in an attic in Alexandria. This collection is believed to be of national significance and has not yet been studied by historians.
The Archives, located at 212 Main St N, Alexandria, is open 10am-3pm, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

posted by
Alex W Fraser Courtenay, BC  8/15

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Some Suggestions or Steps in doing a family tree project.

Some Suggestions or Steps in doing a family tree project.

What prompted this outline came about from the impression I got in reviewing posts from the Ontario Genealogy face book page. Here, it came across that a number of those individuals working to track down the individuals in their family tree did not seem to have much of an idea of all the steps required.  I could be wrong with this impression, nevertheless a review of these steps could be useful.

The following are suggestions, a guideline only which a person can follow or not, filling in the gaps either in brief or as detailed as the information gathered provides.

Consider Looking  at the journey this way.

Where I list ‘great grand parents’ that is simply an example and this term also  refers to your ancestors in general.

What exactly would you like to know about the family and where abouts of your great grand parents/ancestors? The reason why I mention this,  is that you can use these questions, suggestions, steps to produce your own biography so that when your descendants ask about one of their great grand parents/ancestors, namely you, they will have a better answer than you presently have of your great grand parents/ancestors.

With the following list of questions, suggestions to work with in gathering your family info, you can use this to write a biography of each person you are working to track down either in brief or detailed depending on the information gathered.

This is your starting point. It is best to start with yourself, working on your own biography.  Then work back from your children, brothers & sisters, parents, aunts & uncles, grandparents for both the husband & wife’s side of the family. Use these questions, suggestions as a guideline to fill in the gaps.

As you collect the information on each person, which could take some time to locate. Some answers will not exist or not be easily located. This happens, it is part of the process. In time something might and usually will show up to assist you in completing these gaps.

Add what ever other questions that come up on what you would like to know about the people you are working to track down in your family. In time you will get a road map of their journey that leads to where you are today.

Also consider finding out who your 1st, 2nd and 3rd cousins are as they have a common ancestor with you.Thus finding out what they may know of the family. Talk to your aunts & uncles, cousins, as they may have information on the family which your parents are not aware of or may not desire to talk about.

What follows is a sample of questions, suggestions that will be useful in putting a biography together of this couple. That can also be used for each individual in your family tree journey.

44— If a couple got married in year X and there is an indication that they had a child 5 to 10 year before they got married, which is unlikely. Thus beware of such RED FLAGS
43- Always be leery of dates, Years between birth year of siblings. Any year beyond 23-25  between siblings should become a RED FLAG.  Likewise alway check ages of parents when a child is born, beyond the normal range. It is very unlikely that parents have a child born 25 to 30 years after the last child is born when they are in their late 60's or early 70's.
42- when you come across a glitch, discrepancy, Red Flag, always give attention and question same, even if the question doesn't  get answered immediately. keep these questions around until answers show up.
41- Also remember that that maiden name of the wife should not be left out of any recording, be it a obit, death notice, marriage etc.
40- Always remember to record the full source of the information collected
39-  What did this couple work as, What was their occupation; did they have a farm, be self employed, work in the local town or city or what
38- Is this couple or ancestor listed in any city or who’s who directory, if so record that info.
37- Are there any photos in the family of this couple or ancestor that you can access and are they labelled with proper name of person
36- Did this couple move across the country or come from overseas. If so what info have you been able to gleam and record on this movement?

35- Have you found an obituary or death notice when the husband died, if so in what paper, full name, date of issue and location [list town, farm, state or province, country]

1- what was the full name of the husband [ EX the great grandfather or ancestor]
2- what was the full name of the wife [ EX  the great grandmother or ancestor]
3- where was the husband born  [list town, farm, state or province, country]
4- where was the wife born  [list town, farm, state, province, country]
5- What is the full date of birth of the husband
6- What is the full date of birth of the wife
7- When was the husband baptised, full date —- month day  year
8- When was the wife baptised, full date —- month day  year
9- What church was the husband baptised, name of church, religious denomination, [list town, farm, state or province, country]
10- What church was the wife baptised, name of church, religious denomination, [list town, farm, state or province, province, country]
11- Is there a baptismal record of the husband available and can a copy be obtained for your files
12- Is there a baptismal record of the wife available and can a copy be obtained for your files
13- When did the husband die full date —- month day  year
14- When did the wife die full date  —- month day  year
15- Where did the husband die [list town, farm, state or province, country]
16- Where did the wife die [list town, farm, state or province, country]
17- Where is the husband buried, name of cemetery [list town, farm, state or province, country]
18- Where is the wife buried, name of cemetery [list town, farm, state or province, country]
19- When was the husband buried  full date —- month day  year
20- When was the wife buried  full date —- month day  year
21- Is there a gravestone marker for this couple in the cemetery
22- Is there a copy of the Church death record for the husband and is this copy accessible for your files
23- Is there a copy of the Church death record for the wife and is this copy accessible for your files
24- when did this couple get married, full date  —- month day  year
25- Where did this couple get married [list town, farm, state or province, country]
26- in what church or civil registrar did this couple get married  name of church, religious denomination, civil authority [list town, farm, state or province, country]
27- Is there a marriage record available for access and get a copy for your files
28- What are the full dates of births for all the children of this couple
29- Where were all the children of this couple born [list town, farm, state or province, country]
30- is there a baptismal record accessible for all those children to obtain a full copy for your files
31- Were these children of this couple/ancestor all baptised in the same church or were they baptised at all,  name of church, religious denomination, [list town, farm, state or province, country]
32-  What was the full name of the father & mother of the husband
33- What was the full name of the father and mother of the wife
34- what stories have you been told about your great grand parents or ancestors that you can record
This is only a sample of some suggestions, there are no doubt additional suggestions you might have to add to this list.

Enjoy the journey as it will prove to be a very interesting history lesson over time. This journey will have its high points as well as its frustrations and mysteries. There will be obstacles and dead ends. So when that happens start looking at things with a different perspective, asking yourself where could the answer be that I am looking for.

take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser
Courtenay, BC
1/11/15,updated  10/31/16 to tip 43

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