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Louis C Woods 1835-1907, Prescott Ontario

Received this e mail recently, from Sue who is looking for a Louis C Woods.   Any comments or suggestions of helping Sue.   AWF

Hi, Alex—

Like you I have followed my genealogy since my school days! I have mom’s side fairly done going way back into Scotland, Wales, England, Switzerland, Germany. My dad’s side has been a little more difficult as he had been adopted but this was what sparked my interest in genealogy.

My dad’s birth mom died shortly after childbirth and he was raised by his Aunt and Uncle adopting him as an infant and those became his parents. He was always curious about his birth mom’s side of the family and we would often talk of it. 
Through the years we were able to locate his mom’s parents, and even to his great grandparents. His great grandma’s had side could go way back into England. But we were stuck on his great grandpa Louis C. Woods b.about 1834. This is the relative my dad was told by his family doctor about. Louis died in the area in 1907, my dad’s doctor was old and very well could have known Louis.

So family stories are not always, most often are not likely to be accurate which is why I am trying so hard to find his great grandfather’s parents. I can find on 2 marriage certificates their names which are very similar on both of the marriage certificate so I would think these are accurate. 

Augustus Woods and Eliza or Elizabeth Rose Woods (sometimes the “s” was left off), his latest marriage certificate indicates he was born in Prescott Canada West. The census dates range from 1832 to 1841. 

He spoke French, did not read or write. He came to the United States in 1862, married here in Mosinee, Wisconsin in 1867 to his first wife. The census indicates his native tongue by his daughter and first born son was French, but his other 2 kids said it was English. 

The story was that my great great great grandpa had been part French Canadian part Native American Indian. That he was a voyageur, but in the census records in Wisconsin, and for a few years in Kansas, he was a farmer, or a laborer. The town of Mosinee, Marathon County, WI and the Wood County he lived in was along the Wisconsin River. There were trading stations in the area. But, I can not find information to prove this or disprove this.

So, that is my story or most of it.

I am having a hard time going through what is available from Ontario/Canada records as so much of this is written in books by people such as yourself. I cannot afford to buy every book just to see if I have an ancestor listed. Most books probably wouldn’t list them. 

As you have written so much about this early county which Prescott had been formed from I am wondering if you could spare some advise. If I cannot afford to buy all the books, I cannot get up to Canada for the time it would take to research all the sources, would it be best to give up and leave it as it is unknown. I am not sure how much it would cost to hire a professional genealogist for something like this either. 

I am hoping to here back from you with some guidance.  I would most certainly appreciate any input. 

My USA Scottish Ancestors are from the Peter (b1744) and James Farquarhson(b 1770) of Knockando, Moray, Scotland whose son John(1805) and wife Elspet came to the USA moving to north/central Illinois, their kids changing the last name to Ferguson.

I hope you can guide or help me.

Sue  <susie921 @>

Contact Sue directly  if you can assist in her request. Thank you.

NB:  my questions is is this a reference to the town of Prescott, Ontario on the St Lawrence River or Prescott County just south of the Ottawa River.. It is easy to mix up these two references to Prescott.

Also, it is hard to determine with the information stated what books would be helpful in solving this request without  further specific details. AWF

An update from Sue 9/6/14


Thanks so much for the quick response.

Alex, this would be too easy if I knew which one of the 2 Prescott location he was from. Or, which religion he was. He had 2 civil marriages no church marriage. His service sounds as if it was at a school hall and the pastors are listed but I have not been able to figure out which religion they were affiliated with, perhaps Methodist is the closest I can discern. I am not sure if he had any religious affiliation. I suspected the French name to be either Bois or DuBois, Brisbois was another thought as they were in Wisconsin. There were 2 obituaries just indicating he came from Canada as a young man. And, both listed a different pastor attending his service. The cemetery he was buried at is not affiliated with any church, they actually listed his son as being buried which really is Louis C Woods. 

There was a Louis Wood dit Bois in a early area census who was from Canada. There is a Native American Treaty signed listing a Louis Wood son of this Louis Wood and wife Siaska a HoChunk(formerly Winnebago) Indian that would have been born in 1834—same time frame of my Louis Wood unfortunately, I cannot get birth certificates to prove these are the same. And, my Louis Wood came reportedly came to the USA or Wisconsin in 1862—-interesting there was a huge Dakota Sioux Indian incident in Minnesota in 1862 which dispersed the Indian’s even further with some of the HoChunk just on their own returning home to Wisconisn. But then there is the parents he listed as Augustus and Eliza or Elizabeth Wood certainly not the names related to the 1/2 Native Indian yet following the story told my dad. 

I have been searching and searching. Unless I make a stretch of the early names say as Louis Auguste Wood dit Bois, called Auguste because of son Louis and Saska is the native american name perhaps she was Elizabeth or Eliza for her Christian name if this existed. 
But there is no documentation to prove this is the case, my Louis Wood was listed as white on the census, death and marriage records which could be if he choice to follow a white lifestyle. His death certificate mom was listed as Sarah but he had a daughter Sarah. 

I will probably have to check both Leeds and Grenville along with Prescott to see if I can find his family line. He was alone in the US no other Wood family, well I shouldn’t say that. I have met 2 other people also researching him who absolutely do not agree with my Native Louis Wood idea, vehemently so. 

One related researcher is 1/2 a relation from his second wife Louis’s second wife, his great great grandfather was raised by his wife’s family. He has searched as long as I but not able to discover which Prescott or Louis’s parents. 
The other related researcher lists a Augustus Wood married to Mary Catherine Campeau who arrived in the area about 10 years later, into the same county and town. At first I thought they were brothers perhaps. This Augustus had a son who married one of Louis Wood(s) daughters. This would mean they were cousins which was possible, I guess. And, Augustus Wood’s (married to Mary Catherine) father was also named Augustus Wood but was to have been married possible to a Anne. Mary Catherine Campeau’s parents were Louis Compeau and Margaret Frey and this older couple also had another son, brother to Mary Catherine Campeau, both listed as born in 1860 in Perth. As Mary Catherine’s father—but I see no sources to provide proof.
I hope this wasn’t too confusing, 

Any way you can guide or be of assistance?


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