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Glengarry County Archives


 Glengarry County Archives

The archives will officially open to the public on September 26th at 1:30pm with an official ceremony followed by tours of the facility and displays of historical records. Everyone is welcome. 

The Glengarry County Archives is the largest repository of historical records in Eastern Ontario and contains the foremost collection of history about Glengarry County in Canada. Incorporated as a municipal corporation in 2013, the archives is the official repository for the records of North and South Glengarry Township governments and is  mandated to preserve the  records of individuals, businesses and organizations  from the settlement period to the present. 

The archives will provide free access to the collection of Glengarry records with photocopying services also available. 
212 Main St N (GDS) Alexandria, Ontario K0C 1A0 
Phone: 613-525-1336 
County Archivist: Allan J. MacDonald 

 Hours of Operation: After September 26th, the archives will be open to the public every Wednesday and Thursday from 10:00am to 3:00pm. 

 WW1 Display Updates
The World War I and Williamstown exhibit continues to grow. Since its official opening on Aug. 26, we have received additional artteacts on loan as well as expressions of interest from several others. Special thanks to Gordon Ferguson, who just last week week brought in many items of historic signififcance that had belonged to his uncle, John Ferguson, who was killed in action. 
The exhibit runs until Remembrance Day and there is no admission charge. 

What are the museum's hours these days? Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm, as well as Thursdays, from 2 pm to 4 pm for the popular "Tea and Cookies." We can also make special arrangements during the week for school tours, or if you have special guests, etc. And if you should happen to see Lisa or George III doing something outside, she will more than likely invite you in, regardless of the day of the week or the hour of the day. 

We have also tweaked our webpage and invite you to check it out at: 

Our approach of asking for items the museum needs has cut down expenses. In fact, Historical Society President, Robin Flockton was incredulous that such a professional exhibit as World War I and Williamstown could be mounted for so little cost. 

This week, readers, we are asking for plates. Little plates for tea; larger plates to serve the cookies on. Matching china not important! 

Hello Everyone,

Now that the heyday of summer is over, we are only sending out our newsletters periodically.  Sue Harrington has been mandated to read the dictionary and the thesaurus in between so that she can be our on-call wordsmith as needed.  Our other newsletter lady, Joyce Lewis, is far and away overseas and absolutely enjoying her time there, so I am not sure we are getting her back anytime soon.  Well, not exactly true.  She will return shortly, and, I am sure, regale us with fascinating stories during our Thursday Teas.

Speaking of warm beverages, I am planning on serving warm cider on chilly days to people who drop in to the Museum.  Or we could do Cider Saturdays ... I like it!  Cider Saturdays it is then, pending the acquisition of (free or very reduced price) cider that is!  So please get your apple connections texted, phoned or emailed and let us know what they can do for us!  Bonus points if you use an iPhone to find cider for us (ha ha: get it ... Apple product for an apple product...).

On that note, I am signing off.

Have a great week,

Lisa Ellis, M.A.
Nor'Westers and Loyalist Museum
19651 John St.
Williamstown, ON   K0C 2J0
 Glengarry History, Nor’Westers and Loyalist Museum 
19651 John Street Williamstown, ON K0C 2J0 
Phone: 613-347-3547 

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Courtenay, BC

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