Thursday, March 27, 2014

Glengarry County Archives in Alexandria, Ontario

The newly-formed Glengarry County Archives in Alexandria, Ontario needs your help. 

 If you have historical material, such as letters, diaries and photographs, 

relating to the history of the county and would to see them preserved, 

For more information on this venture please contact  Allan J. MacDonald, 

the county archivist, at dorniemac @ 

3/29/14 update

Please add the following to the archives post.  

The county archives has been recently incorporated as a municipal corporation reporting to 

both North and South Glengarry Townships.  It is expected that the archives will open to the 

public by October of this year complete with a website and holdings containing land records, 

wills and municipal records.

Allan MacDonald

Take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


P.O. Box 69
Williamstown, Ontario KOC 2J0
613 347-3547
E: info @


This is an invitation and reminder of our April 3 meeting which will be held at the Nor'westers and Loyalist Museum STARTING AT 7:30 PM--not our usual time of 8:00 PM. This is a joint meeting with Encore that promises to be a very interesting session featuring Jennifer DeBruin who will share some of the processes of writing historical fiction. Of special interest is the fact that her work is embedded in the history of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry which gives it a particular relevance to our work on local history. Some of her characters are tied to the United Empire Loyalists which connects this presentation to some of the exhibits of the Museum.
Early arrivals to the evening will have the opportunity to tour the Loyalist section of the Museum. As in the past, there will be refreshments following the meeting.

If you are able to contribute a dessert, please contact Suzanne Bujold Bleile at 613-525-3806.

We are only six weeks away from our Annual General Meeting scheduled for May 1 at the United Church on the Hill in Alexandria. We have some serious concerns to deal with related to the future of the Society.
They are:

SOCIETY LEADERSHIP: There is a need for members willing to serve on the Board (both Graham Wells the current Vice-Chair and I have indicated that we will not seek another term) If you are interested in standing for the Board please contact Graham at 613-528-4485.

FINANCES: We are basically secure for the next couple of years providing there are no unusual expenditures needed. However, our normal expenditures have exceeded our revenue for several years now by several thousand dollars and as we know, postal rates are going up shortly. Operating with a loss each year is not sustainable without obtaining new sources of funding either through donations or bequests from members, increasing membership fees, or succeeding in securing help from granting agencies.

GHS STRUCTURE: As I write this there is a re-evaluation of the relationship between the Nor'westers Museum and the Historical Society occurring. That will need serious reflection and discussion.

The Annual General Meeting is also a time to gather over a potluck supper, share our reflections on the past year and enjoy the company of friends and members both old and new. I hope that I will be able to share your company on both April 3 and May 1. Also as I write this another snow storm is on the way. However, there is the promise of warmer weather to melt that snow and, perhaps, get me excited about a possible Spring. Either I am getting cranky in my older age or it really has been a long, cold winter. See you on April 3rd at 7:30 PM in



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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cornwall Township Rocked by Suspicious Volvey Death, 1935

Just received the March 2014 Newsletter from the Cornwall Township Historical Society

Cornwall Township Rocked by Suspicious Volvey Death, 1935

Main article of 2 1/2 pages is on the Murder Case  in 1935, township Rocked by Suspicious Louis Volvey Death at Bonville, Ontario.  in which charges were laid agains Clarence Cameron and Mrs Viney Belle Volvey. The judge was Justice Nicol Jeffrey of the Supreme Court of Ontario. There was evidence of an illicit affaire  between Clarence Cameron & Mrs Viney Volvey

Also mentioned on the last page of this newsletter  the passing of Ranald McDonell on Jan 6 and Mrs Janet Quail on Jan 22

The SDG Historical society put of Cornwall Scrapbook, a pictorial history of Cornwall.

Another new book by Jennifer DeBruin  title Shadows in the Tree  is a novel that traces the plight of a family engulfed in the American Revolution. Jennifer will be the guest speaker at the Mar 25/14 CTHS meeting at the Heritage Centre, St Andrews West. Jennifer is also author of A Walk with Mary.

 Cornwall Township Historical Society


take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Glengarry History--Winter Lecture Series March 24/14

Glengarry and the First World War

A picture of life in Glengarry County in the period leading up to WW1 and how the population fared during the conflict

The Spring of 1914

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