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Poupore Family Genealogy 1653-1967


Have you any relations, connection to the Poupore family from around Arnprior, Ontario area or know anyone who does.

I have a Poupore family tree chart 1653 - 1967, size 40" by 76" with just under 1400 entries which I have had for about 25 years. It was sent to me my Rev L. K. Poupore O.M.I of Arnprior, Ontario in the early 1980's.

I have done some updating and this Poupore family and will be included as part of My MacDonald of Loup, Lundie, Fraser Line Version 3 CD in a web card format.

Copies of this Poupore family tree chart 1653 - 1967, are now available on this CD or a folded hard copy.

For Poupore Chart surname list  is now incorporated into the MacDonalds of Loup Lundie Fraser Connections version 4

updated 1/31/13
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Monday, January 28, 2013


{ Inc not for profit,2011—Charitable status & Chapel/Museum,}

Saturday January 26, 2013….10-1@ Dalkeith Library
(A Dalkeith winter carnival event)

Well we forgot to count exactly how many people showed up, but we know it was our best Robbie Burns Brunch ever. Visitors, Guests and Patrons came from Montreal, Kingston, Brockville, Nova Scotia, and throughout our own Glengarry Counties. Ian MacLeod Fiddlers were first on the floor entertaining the crowd with their toe-tapping music. These Fiddlers are renown not only in their native Glengarry but throughout North America as well. What a treat. Our HAGGIS from Muir’s Bakery in Maxville was paraded in with full honours as you can see from the above picture. Frances Fraser played the pipes leading, first, the haggis bearers Allan Campbell & Stewart Irvine followed by distinguished guests: Jim Finlayson who would address the “Great Chieftain o’ the pudding race” in fine fashion and then Diarmid Campbell, hand somely kilted in the best o’tartan fashion who would lead the toast to Robbie Burns. Jim Finlayson through RB verse described the haggis as worthy of grace & a glorious sight & a divine taste and “if ye wish her grateful prayer, gie her a haggis’ he concluded. Burns elevated the status of the haggis (the common man’s food) to international levels through his poem “To a Haggis”. Diarmid Campbell honoured the Bard with some fine words testimony to the forged international, national and local community links Burns’ poetry & music have created through the centuries and concluding with the wish that the tradition be passed on to future generations. It is at this event that the Dalkeith Historical Society announces the winner of its Educational & Cultural Bursary. 

This years’ Winner was the local chapter of the Civil War “Blues & Greys,” a Montreal based group that is hoping place a monument at Upper Canada Village in honour of the “Canadians” who served . Stewart Irvine accepted on behalf of that group. Patrick Taylor Ironworks & DHS donated the much sought after door prizes that various patrons won...The Food & Drink Tables were laden with goodies prepared by DHS CHEFS for the delight & palate of the visiting patrons. 

Many thanks to one & all who made the event possible-Clara Taylor, Enid MacDougall, MacLeod Fiddlers, Cory Olsthoorn, Peggy Phillips,Douglas Irvine, Jacques Lavigne, Nicole St. Pierre, Emerson MacGillivray,Winston Brodie, Monsieur Eric, Marjorie & Allan Campbell, Frances Fraser, Jean MacLennan, Maggie Dean, Louis Loczy, Helen Kaufman & you our patrons— thank you so much for taking the time to come & have some fun celebrating not only a Scottish poet but an international poet whose renown carries on after some 250 years. The first recorded Burns celebration was in 1801 when his friends gathered to celebrate Burns memory Both haggis & the water of life were on that 1801 menu. Burns was a man who loved wine (water of Life in his case) women & song. He spoke to the common person (through the ages) with just the right note of appeal. (He spoke English & French & most certainly read Latin). World wide there are said to be 12-15,000 Burns celebrations each year. N.B. Regular DHS meeting Library Feb. 16 10:30

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Alex W. Fraser Launching the MacDonalds of Loup, Lundie, Fraser Clan Connections on CD

Alex W. Fraser,  Launching the MacDonalds of Loup, Lundie, Fraser Clan Connections on CD

January 05, 2013
Alex W. Fraser Glengarry Books, Family History is releasing Version 4 of his work, the MacDonalds of Loup, Lundie, Fraser Clan connections, dealing mainly with the Macs of Glengarry County, in particular the MacDonalds over the past 200 years, their connection by marriage. 

(1888PressRelease) January 05, 2013 - In the 1852 census of the principal clans in Glengarry County Ontario, out of a tentative population of 9957, 3228 were either MacDonalds or MacDonells, just under a third of that population. The nearest clans census were McMillan with 551; McDougald at 541; McRae at 456; McLeod at 437; Grant at 415.

Alex W. Fraser Glengarry Books, Family History work on the MacDonalds of Loup, Lundie & Fraser connections is releasing version 4, consisting of more than 20,000 entries with much documentation from local sources of Church Records baptisms, marriages, deaths, gravestone inscriptions, some census, some obituaries on later entries as well as additional references to works like Dictionary of Canadian Biography, or the Dictionary of Glengarry Biography by Royce MacGillivray.

This work deals mainly with the Macs of Glengarry County, in particular the MacDonalds over the past 200 years, their connection by marriage and descendants and where possible their ancestry as well.

This work is a result of years of collecting information and sorting that out.

"We are thrilled to make this announcement," says Alex W. Fraser, on what started out as 'My MacDonalds of Loup, Lundie and Fraser Connections' which is the basis of this work. "This grows out from my mother, Grace MacDonald's, family of MacDonalds, MacDonells, Walsh's, McKinnon's as well as my father, Arlington Fraser's family of Frasers, Roell's, MacDonalds, MacDonells connections."

The number of different families listed in this work is about 1500. This can be checked at

"I believe this work is an excellent guideline, not the absolute unshakeable truth on a particular family," say Alex W. Fraser. "Use it as a guideline & the perspective on the family of concern. Is it perfect, no! Will it be useful to the viewer, certainly, from a little to a lot. It will raise questions as well as provide answers. Is all this information accurate. That depends on how accurate the information was to begin with, whether that is in the church records, gravestone inscriptions or in obituaries or other stories that involve the person concerned. It is known from experience that ages of a person are very seldom constant or given accurately when census are taken death notices given. The extensive index for version 4 of the MacDonalds of Loup, Lundie, Fraser Connections can be viewed here"

This work will be able only on CD.

There are many cautions for obvious reasons to pay attention to. This comes about while dealing with families, marriages with similar names for bride & groom overlapping the same period. As a result some of these family automatically get mixed up.

The perspective of the viewer is unknown to the producer of this work and vice versa, regardless of what family information might be in this work. If it does not agree with that perspective, do not be bothered by that, as the viewer & producer are looking at similar family information from 2 different perspectives. Yes, it can be a concern, nevertheless with some due diligence, this guideline will assist the efforts of the clients using it. Glitches are part of this process in sorting out a family tree.

About Alex W. Fraser

Of United Empire Loyalist ancestry on both the Frasers & MacDonalds. Alex is married to Rhoda Westlake Ross. More about Alex W. Fraser Glengarry Books, Family History at and who in September 2011, celebrated their 40th anniversary of researching, doing family histories and the publishing of over 24,000 pages of material on Glengarry County Ontario and areas. This 24,000 pages of material is equivalent to about 150 single titles  books of 155 pages each.  This includes a number of family histories, church records, Gravestone inscriptions. To see our titles go to

Alex W. Fraser

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What is your definition of family history? What do you believe it takes to do a family history.
My journey in Family history since 1971 has been interesting to say the least.  It involves much detective work, especially when dealing with the MACS. I was born in Glengarry County Ontario, the Macs were very plentiful, my mother being one.

My journey started as a result of doing my Fraser & MacDonald, MacDonell ancestry.  That was very educational, in history, the character of the people, their careers, the music-- piping, fiddling, dancing, family gatherings, stories.

I recently did a 25 + Tips on Doing your  family tree research, a guideline for those on such a journey   which has gotten some great response.

How is your curiosity?  This is an essential piece of the family history puzzle,
Are you interested in the family medical history, be it for breast cancer, diabetes, mental illness or other aspects.

What kind of work did your ancestors do.  Were they in lumbering, farming, construction, sailors or what?

My Fraser ancestor John Fraser, a Captain, came over with General Wolfe in 1757 to what now is Nova Scotia with the 78th Highland Fighting Fraser Regiment.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned researcher on your family history journey, being a family detective is also another hat you will wear.

Where did your ancestors come from. Would you like to track that home town down, go visit that city, country, see what the people of today as well as of yesteryear how they lived.

Family photos are another gold mine, if any were saved, These photos show the dress of the day, visual looks--- Do you have a resemblance to any of them.

Was any of your ancestors in the military-- My mothers ancestor, Duncan MacDonald who settled in St Andrews West, Ontario, came over to the 13 colonies prior to 1776, and at the time of the American Revolution joined in the 84th Regiment. She remembers seeing velvet line walnut shells as a young girl that were supposed to belong to this Duncan MacDonald family. My mother Grace MacDonald 1910-1982 had a brother, James Ranald in world war 1 who got the Military Cross and had a bullet in his head for over 50 years.  Another brother, uncle Mac who was a Gunner in WW2.

Stories also make interesting family history.

This is a journey that has never been boring, has kept me inspired and I believe has helped many people. The results no doubt have also raised a lot of questions, nevertheless also answered alot of questions. 

The latest part of this publishing journey is My MacDonalds of Loup, Lundie & Fraser Connections version 4 which has over 20,000 entries.   This project in time will include much of the material that has been collected over the past 40 plus years, hopefully in a much more organized and useful manner to benefit almost anyone who is connected to Glengarry County & area in some way, especially in regards to the Macs & MacDonalds, MacDonells in particular.

This journey also assisted me in preserving the history of an area, thus can be benefical for years to come to many interested people.

About Alex W Fraser

Of {UEL} United Empire Loyalist ancestry on both the Frasers & MacDonalds. Alex is married to Rhoda Westlake Ross. More about us at We just celebrated in September 2011, our 40th anniversary of researching, doing family histories and the publishing of over 24,000 pages of material on Glengarry County  Ontario and areas. This includes a number of family histories, church records, Gravestone inscriptions.  To see our titles go to

Alex W Fraser
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