Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Magic Tom Auburn -- Do You Remember Him!!

Just received this interesting e mail concerning Magic Tom Auburn

Do you have a  story to  tell Ro about Magic Tom?


My name is Rohinton Ghandhi, Ro for short, I'm a local historical researcher/writer doing a story on our own Magic Tom Auburn of Montreal (NDG), and I was hoping you may have some details of him or know of anyone who still may be able to provide some first-hand accounts! That would be so very cool to capture, before some of these stories all simply fade away...

Many of Mr. Auburn's information indicates that he came from Aultsville, Ontario. I have been in contact with Byron Auburn at the CTV News desk in Toronto, and unfortunately he could not confirm if his dad/family did in fact come from that town in Ontario.

Magic Tom and his wife are buried in the Cornwall region at the St. Lawrence Valley Cemetary near Long Sault/Cornwall yet they also could not confirm his birthplace as Aultsville, Ontario. They must have had some roots in the Aultsville stories validities, somewhere in the Auburn family history.
- Do you know of any existing Aultsville town registries or directories that could contain this information?
Magic Tom Auburn Gravestone. photo from Cornwall Roots

The Montreal Lovell Directory records Tom's father, William George auburn as first living at 162 Ethel St, here in Verdun, Montreal. He was listed as a toolmaker in 1915. 

From the internet, Wikipedia here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aultsville,_Ontario, I understand that the town was flooded over in the building of the St. Lawrence Seaway, is that true? ...would be my very first question.
- And if so, is there anyway that I may validate or disclude that Tom Rochon Auburn was born in Aultsville, Ontario? As I truly hate conjecture, preferring to rely on existing factual information for my story on this once great man! We owe it to him to "get it right".

I’m hoping that you will be able to steer me in the right direction, as I've looked at the many Aultsville, Ontario sites that cover the St. Lawrence region like here http://www.ghosttownpix.com/lostvillages/aultsvilImg.html and your great site herehttp://www.glengarrycounty.com/gpssvfor.html specifically, yet there is no information at all on his father  William George Auburn nor any other Auburns in the region.

Do you remember Magic Tom, yourself as a Canadian? I had to ask as each bit of information is like a puzzle piece that could only add to the larger than life Magic Tom that we all still envision in our minds. Funny what we can clearly recall from our childhood, isn't it? 

Magic Tom is as Montreal as you can get. He was a great man and a perfect representative of our once world-class city. I would love to accurately write a story on this one local gentleman who was my childhood TV icon (on CFCF 12), to most of us in those great days that once completed each of our own Montreal experiences. I hope you are able to help in getting his story straight....

I have found so many photos and story write-ups of Tom Auburn the local Magician, the troops entertainer, the places he played in from 1931 to 1942 through the original pages of the Verdun Guardian Newspaper, digitizing them before they turn to dust. I also have the story and pick of “local Magician enlists” from 1942, with photo, and many more that I have catalogued and kept as Jpegs.

In fact, this Sunday, I have visited the archivist at St. Willibrord’s Church to see Tom Auburns’ graduation year’s records for 1936 and for years beyond, as the church ran Willibrord’s High school then! Will also look for photos of Delores Arlene Edwards his high school sweetheart as most accounts, included on the tomauburn website. 

Here's his Feb 20th, 1942 wedding announcement to Delores, I found in the pages of the Verdun Guardian. They were married on Feb 14, 1942, Valentine’s day the article states (attached). Also, a pic of the day he enlisted here in Montreal in 1941.

Thanks so much,  I hope you  will be able to provide many more details on this Montreal great.

I'm sure this ride will simply be just that...magical!


Rohinton Ghandhi
Crawford ParkVerdunMontreal


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http://www.Glengarry county.com/gpssvfor.html

What do you remember about Magic Tom Auburn? Do you have a  story to  tell Ro?

the above photos sent by Ro with e mail, except as noted

take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser
Courtenay, BC


1reina1 said...

I am a cousin of Tom Auburn. I never actually met him, he was a second or third cousin - my paternal grandmother was an Auburn. I am trying to trace that part of the family but am having difficulty reaching Byron Auburn to see if he has any information.

Alex W Fraser, Rhoda Ross, Alex Fraser said...

Hi reina.
Thanks for your comment . If you see this as you left no contact info, you wish to contact Rohinton Ghandhi rghandhi@sympatico.ca who might b able to help you out

take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser