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What's New Sep 2013 in Review GlengarryCounty web page activities

What's New Sep 29th ... The week in Review   GlengarryCounty web page activities
Sep 22- 29 /13

The month of September is just about over. Hoping it was a good month for you.
Here is the last Whats New update  for Sep

I continue to work on the last 4 or 5 volumes of  Gravestones of Glengarry series, taking the effort closer to finalizing and publishing

Also doing more fine tuning on St Raphael's 1804 - 1835 as it gets closed to being completed
This work will be available in printed copy, CD and as a download between 800 & 900 pages

Rhoda & I are working on some Quinn research, filling in gaps.

OFFERING A 15% DISCOUNT ON all title purchases listed on our download page

Sold a copy of  the KKRNY by Gavin Watt on the recent titles we offered for sale.   See remaining list at

Thanks for reviewing these What's New. Hope it is bring you some useful info

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Take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser
Courtenay, BC
866 517 2113   jars924 @


What's New Sep 22nd ... The week in Review   GlengarryCounty web page activities
Sep 15 - 22/13

Rhoda continues her researching and logging on the family history of The Ross' of Martintown ---  Thomas 'Taylor' Ross connections on the Reunion family tree program, now just under the 25,000 name entries.

Alex continues to work on the MacDonalds of Loupe, Lundie and Fraser connections who are entertwined with the  Agent MacDonells, King MacDonalds and King MacDonells, Spanish John, Clan Ranald, Greenfield, Leek, Ardnabee, Collachie MacDonells, Sandfield MacDonalds and many more. now with just over 24,200 name entries.  Check out the christian & surname index of version 4

These two works have just under 50,000 name entries covering many of the Glengarry County & area families, with much documentation


Till Sept 30th 2013 there is a special on the St Raphael's BMD 1804 - 1835 on CD.  808 pages of BMD  & index under 24 headings


Updating the Download web page with news G of G titles images Vol 9, and 10 Added title Descendants of Angus John Donald Cameron

Updated the MacD, B, N obit page with new entries  check them out at  or or

Added 7 Glengarry County area books for SALE, namely  CHALKDUST IN MY BLOOD; The Kings' Royal Regiment of New York; Beck's Corners; Lochinvar to Skye 1794-1987; The Campbells and other Glengarry-Stormont and Harrington Pioneers; Historical Sketch of Kenyon Presbyterian Church Dunvegan;  The Story of Martintown, A Pioneer Village;  to my used book blog at

Finished  working on The work Rhodes Grant did in 1972 in his recording of the plot inscription survey for St Andrews United Church Martintown. This work will be part of Gravestones of Glengarry Vol. 10 Martintown - Apple Hill

Working on formatting  Gravestones of Glengarry vol 9, 10, 11 in preparation for publishing of same

Also when the work of the Gravestones of Glengarry is finalized there will be a master index completed for the 12 volumes.

These three works; Ross', MacDonalds, Gravestones of Glengarry will have a combined name index of  of about 87,000 name entries as they presently stand.

Thanks for this support.

Take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser
Courtenay, BC

What's New Sep 15th ... The week in Review   GlengarryCounty web page
Sep 8 - 15/13

Finished working on Maxville Cemetery name index done by Clark Barrett ca 1980 in cross referencing names to tombstone/gravestones numbers from those we copied.
This work of 50 pages will be part of Gravestones of Glengarry Volume 11, Kenyon Township

Dealing with CD orders for St Andrews BMD 1779 - 1914 Williamstown, Ontario  Vol 1 & Vol 2.
Thanks for this support.

Also CD order for the Combined B M D name index of over 9000 name entries for the St Andrews 2nd Concession church, Bainsville; Knox United  Lancaster, Salem United in Summerstown & St Andrews Presbyterian  South Lancaster.  
Thanks for this support.

Did some fine tuning on strap0435 web site and now have a introductory SPECIAL on ending September 30th, 2013 for St Raphael’s RC church BMD 1804  - 1835 with 24 heading index. Also offering various purchase options on these BMD records, by download, on CD, by year for set of BMD or by individual year, be it for baptisms, or for marriages or for deaths  see web page for details  

Working on book orders for As Others See Us & 2005 Fraser Genealogy combo  as well as for the Zion Church Burials of St Agness de Dundee Quebec.

Thanks for this support.

Take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser
Courtenay, BC

What's New Sep 8th ... The week in Review   GlengarryCounty web page
Sep 2 - 8/13

Dealing with 2 book orders this past week. A download of Fr John’s Diary 1819-1866 & mailing out a copy of St Andrews BMD Vol. 1, 1779-1804  Williamstown, Ont. My sincere thanks for this support.

Sep 7/13  Today, Marks the 42 Anniversary of the journey in Genealogy & Publishing in the preservation of Glengarry County and Area history in a few aspects which started September 7th 1971 on my sisters birthday. In this journey we have published more than 28,000 pages of material on Glengarry County and Area. This is the equivalent of about 175 single title books of 160 pages each. There is still more to come. Follow us on What's New blog post

Sep 6/13  Updated MacDonalds of Loup Lundie Fraser Connection page, clarifying overall content of work
Updated   page which now has full sample BMD & index format used in this work of over 800 pages Look for SPECIAL coming of St Raphael’s 1804-35 BMD ONLY on CD
Also up dated Gravestones of Glengarry Series web page for volume 9
         Working on Maxville Cemetery index done by Clark Barrett, ca 1980 for inclusion in Gravestones of Glengarry Volume 11 Kenyon township

Sep 5/13  More fine tuning of & finished indexing Angus McMillan's  "Deacon's Dairy" over 2700 name entries. Diary 106 pages, index 116 p.  Also did a lot & concession index of the same which is in pdf format and if printed will add about another 120 pages to the work

The Nor’Westers and Loyalist Museum
Is holding a

Community meeting
at the Nor’Westers and Loyalist Museum, John Street, Williamstown

Saturday, September 21, 2013
At 10:30am

Join us for a report on the summer season, hear what has been happening, ask questions and get involved!
We are planning for Fall 2013 and the best season ever in 2014
Support your museum.

A light lunch will be served

For information contact the museum at
(613)347-3547 or email us at

Please excuse any cross postings.

Nor’Westers and Loyalist Museum
19651 County Rd. 17 Williamstown, ON, K0C 2J0
(613) 347-3547

What's New .... The week in Review   Glengarry County web page
Sep 1/13

August in Review

     We have had a busy summer as I am sure most of you did as well but where did the summer go, I can hardly  believe it is nearly September.  We were back to Glengarry County for a couple of weeks at the end of July to mid August. We stayed in my sons trailer at our beach but were so busy we did not get to sit and enjoy Lake St. Francis very much.  
We attended the Maxville Highland Games and the Williamstown Fair, there was a good crowd at both, we missed a few events that happened before and after we were in Glengarry but we will plan a longer stay next time. We also saw many old friends and relatives. 

      My husband Alex W. Fraser gave a talk on genealogy at the Glengarry Archives, Williamstown  and had an open house at the Dalkeith Historical Society Archives. We also spent a few days at the Cornwall Public Library doing genealogical research.    

     We drove around most of the back roads to see any changes made since we last visited and also took a drive around the Point Fortune, Grenville, Hawkesbury, Dalkeith area. 

     The weather was beautiful but the nights were a bit cool. If you are planning a trip to the Eastern Ontario area then the last week of July and the first half of August is the best time, in my opinion, to go.  We can help with your travel arrangements.

     The weekend we returned to Courtenay my daughter Lynn and her husband Garry had a Glengarry Reunion. We had about 18 attending in all (including some of the children and spouse's).  At least 10 were from the Curry Hill and Bainsville area of Glengarry. We had a great visit, we had not seen some of the folks for a number of years and and it brought back many memories of the good old days. I think we must make this an annual event as there were several from the area that could not make it due to other commitments. A Thank You to Lynn and Garry and all who attended to help make this reunion a success. Looking forward to seeing you again. 

from  Travel & Cruise News and Items of interest

               A Newsletter from Rosswin Travel, Courtenay, Vancouver Island, BC


Completed  the 1st stage of the BMD & index for St Raphael's RC Church 1804 1835, St Raphael's West, Ontario, Glengarry County which is 808 pages and will be available in the following formats  
On CD in pdf format
Downloadable --- coming soon
printed form-- coming soon

For the past 6 months I have been steadily working on the Gravestones of Glengarry Series Vol. 9 to 11, maybe 12 for completion from the info we have on file collection.

Vol 9   Salem & Precious Blood Gravestone inscriptions Summerstown & Glen Walter

Vol 10 is Martintown Apple hill
this includes St Andrews cemetery Martintown, St Williams Cemetery Martintown, North Branch Cemetery and St Anthony's RC Cemetery Apple Hill.

Vol 11 is Kenyon Township which may be in 2 parts
this includes St Elmo Gordon Church gravestone inscriptions, Maxville Community gravestone inscriptions, Greenfield St Catherine of Sienna Gravestone inscriptions, St James Gravestone inscriptions & Dunvegan Gravestone inscriptions. Also the possibility of Kenyon presbyterian church cemetery plot survey & index, Angus McMillan Deacon Diary & index as well as an earlier recording of the gravestone inscriptions & index.

Vol 12  Loney Stones
includes small, abandoned or isolated Glengarry County & area cemeteries


Queries Requests Received
Also got queries to ponder upon. Here are 2 of them looking for more information & clarification

2 August, 2013  looking for McGibbons

I was on your website and June and I thought there was a place that I could buy a name lookup?

My ancestors were only in Glengarry briefly.

I am looking for a man named James McKibbon (James McGibbon) who might be buried somewhere in Glengarry.

His wife was a widow on the 1851 census so all I know is that he died before 1851.  His children report that their father was born in Ireland.  His wife reports her religion as Church of Scotland (born in Ireland in 1797)

Their son Robert reports his birthplace as Hawkesbury (b. 1828)

His wife was Margaret Stewart listed as widow Margaret McKilbon on the 1851 census of Lochiel.

"Lochiel Twp, Glengarry County, Canada West (Ontario)
Margaret McKibbon Age: 55. Widow. Born Ireland. Also in household: James McKibbon. Age 28. Hugh McKibbon. Age 23. Esther McKibbon. Age 20. Ann Crookshanks. Age 6. All born in Canada. Schedule: A; Roll: C_11722; Page: 119; Line: 23."

By the 1861 the widow Margaret McKibbon was living over in Grenville County (Wolford Twp)

"Wolford Twp, Grenville, Canada West, Canada
Age: 64; Marital Status: Widowed. Church of Scotland. Hugh McKibbon. Age 34. Single. Anna Crookshanks. Age 16. Year: 1861; Census Place: Wolford, , Grenville, Roll: C-1026; Page: 35. Lines 47-49"

Can you tell me how to proceed with purchasing a query on the name James McKibbon (McGibbon)? Born sometime between 1780 and 1798 in Ireland?  Possible connections to Lochiel Twp and Hawkesbury?  Religion likely protestant?

Heather Marshall hjm2 @

2nd query  July 27 2013 Col. Archibald Mcdonell connections

Thanks for your reply.    Col. Archibald Mcdonell ( 3rd Great grandfather) to correct my mistake was born in Glengarry, Inverness Scotland in 1780 and died Dec.22 1853 in Metcalfe, Ont, Can. He married Catherine Mcdonald  Sept. 22, 1807. They had 13 children.

Alexander 1808-1880,   Duncan Archibald 1810-1888,   Margaret Amelia 1812-1871 (my Great Great Grandmother),   Anna 1814-1914,    Mary Jane

1816-1904,   John 1818-1886,   Catherine 1820-1927,   Donald Daniel 1822-1906,   Allen Samuel 1824-1906,   Janet 1828-1849,   Neil George 1827-1861,   Susan Elizabeth 1828-1915,   Charles Foster 1832-1895.

Col. Archibald's father was John Mcdonell 1755-1839.  His Mother was Catherine Macdougald 1764-1837.

Col. Archibald had 4 brothers and 4 sisters. Donald Almas 1795-1857,   James 1800- ?,  Duncan,  Angus,   Mary  1796 - July 15,1864  Elizabeth 1799-Dec.22, 1889.

Now the BIG QUESTION!  Is this family related to John Macdonell born 19 April 1785 at Greenfield, Glengarry, Scotland. He was the 4th son of Alexander and Janet Macdonell. They emigrated to Canada in 1792.  His cousin was Alexander Macdonell of Collachie.

John MacDonell was fatally injured at Queenston Heights 1812 and buried with General Brock. 
Would appreciate any input you can give me. Thanking you again.      Jean 
Jean Hughes ejhughes2010 @

This  Mary  1796 - July 15,1864 is not the right Mary as the sister of Col Archibald MacDonell of Osgoode. Col Archibald's had a sister Mary who died in Apr 1890. This is a good example of how easy it is to get names mixed up with out correct backing information.


Take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser
Courtenay, BC

sep 1/13

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