Monday, May 6, 2013

Progress Updates of Alex W Fraser Glengarry Books journey


There is a lot going on behind the scene in continuing our journey in organizing and preserving Glengarry County area history that we have been on now for over 40 years,

1-- working on completing the remaining 3 to 4 volumes of Gravestones of Glengarry series by late summer or early fall.

2-- continued work on the MacDonalds of Loup, Lundie and Fraser Connections project

3-- index of more Glengarry County area church records in a more accessible format

4-- We also have a selected number of our titles available for instant download now, check them out at

The method behind all of this is to see the journey from the viewers perspective. That always starts either by a story that brings up a family situation or starts with a family name. The question then arises who is this family person, I might never have heard of.

To put it mildly, with all of the scattered information that is available, detailed indexing is the one of the almost only ways of finding a name that can be latched on, that makes sense to the viewer and rings a bell when found among hundreds of similar names in almost the same time period. With a good useable index  a person can tell if a book has any useful info within a few minutes, if not move on to something else

This indexing is time consuming and not an easy task, nevertheless it is one that we are pursuing in the hopes that it will assist interested people in finding the family member they are looking for.

We have done much indexing in the gravestone series, church records and family histories in the more than 25,000 pages of material we have so far published.

The next step is the organize this index into a useful search medium so that the viewer can follow a name when found backwards to put more accurate meat on the bones adding family members, location etc making that family person more real to them and their family.

Any comments on our web site rearrangement & update. Is it more friendly, have you visited the table of content page at  Do you find it helpful.

Thanks for your continued interest and support of our efforts.

Feel free to past this post on to others who might be interest and likewise feel free to leave a comment below.

Take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser
Courtenay, BC

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