Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Table of contents now available for glengarrycounty.com GPSSV page


Over the past while I have been updating my http://www.glengarrycounty.com site and have made a details table of contents under 50 headings which can be viewed at http://www.glengarrycounty.com/navigation.html

The headings are as follows  About Us; Archives; Articles; Authors Local; Awards; Blogs; Books; Books Wanted or for Sale; Cemeteries/Gravestones; Canada; Churches; Church BMD; Connections; Contact; Counties; Donation; Events; Family History; Groups; Better Health; History; Hockey; Home Page; Libraries; Links; Maps; On Microfilm; Military; Miscelleaneous; Music; Municipalities;  Museums; Newspapers; Obits; People; Photos; Place Names; Plaques & Historic Sites; Prayers; Quebec; Researching In; Resources; Rhoda Ross; Schools; Search Engines; Ships; Social Media; Other Sources; Surnames/Indeces; Villages/Towns;

The list of items under each heading varies from 0 items to a high of 15. Two of the headings have no items listed under them yet.  Each of these items are active links bringing you to that item or article and in some cases to additional links under that item.

At present there are over 260 links in these 50 headings/categories which will provide access in one way or another to most if not all of the web pages on our  http://glengarrycounty.com site.

There are still some fine tuning to be done, nevertheless this Navigation page along with the site map and the search this site link will make it much easier to find what is being looked for on these web pages.

The viewer may be looking for information that is not in the criteria of what is being added to these web pages. Suggestions are welcomed.

These pages cover a lot of territory. It is hoped that this re-arrangement will make it easier to view the material that is presently available.

Enjoy the journey. If you find a page missing or a broken link, kindly let me know

Thanks you for your interest

Take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser
Courtenay, BC
866 517 2113
jars924 @ me.com

Feel free to leave your comments below.

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