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What is your definition of family history? What do you believe it takes to do a family history.
My journey in Family history since 1971 has been interesting to say the least.  It involves much detective work, especially when dealing with the MACS. I was born in Glengarry County Ontario, the Macs were very plentiful, my mother being one.

My journey started as a result of doing my Fraser & MacDonald, MacDonell ancestry.  That was very educational, in history, the character of the people, their careers, the music-- piping, fiddling, dancing, family gatherings, stories.

I recently did a 25 + Tips on Doing your  family tree research, a guideline for those on such a journey   which has gotten some great response.

How is your curiosity?  This is an essential piece of the family history puzzle,
Are you interested in the family medical history, be it for breast cancer, diabetes, mental illness or other aspects.

What kind of work did your ancestors do.  Were they in lumbering, farming, construction, sailors or what?

My Fraser ancestor John Fraser, a Captain, came over with General Wolfe in 1757 to what now is Nova Scotia with the 78th Highland Fighting Fraser Regiment.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned researcher on your family history journey, being a family detective is also another hat you will wear.

Where did your ancestors come from. Would you like to track that home town down, go visit that city, country, see what the people of today as well as of yesteryear how they lived.

Family photos are another gold mine, if any were saved, These photos show the dress of the day, visual looks--- Do you have a resemblance to any of them.

Was any of your ancestors in the military-- My mothers ancestor, Duncan MacDonald who settled in St Andrews West, Ontario, came over to the 13 colonies prior to 1776, and at the time of the American Revolution joined in the 84th Regiment. She remembers seeing velvet line walnut shells as a young girl that were supposed to belong to this Duncan MacDonald family. My mother Grace MacDonald 1910-1982 had a brother, James Ranald in world war 1 who got the Military Cross and had a bullet in his head for over 50 years.  Another brother, uncle Mac who was a Gunner in WW2.

Stories also make interesting family history.

This is a journey that has never been boring, has kept me inspired and I believe has helped many people. The results no doubt have also raised a lot of questions, nevertheless also answered alot of questions. 

The latest part of this publishing journey is My MacDonalds of Loup, Lundie & Fraser Connections version 4 which has over 20,000 entries.   This project in time will include much of the material that has been collected over the past 40 plus years, hopefully in a much more organized and useful manner to benefit almost anyone who is connected to Glengarry County & area in some way, especially in regards to the Macs & MacDonalds, MacDonells in particular.

This journey also assisted me in preserving the history of an area, thus can be benefical for years to come to many interested people.

About Alex W Fraser

Of {UEL} United Empire Loyalist ancestry on both the Frasers & MacDonalds. Alex is married to Rhoda Westlake Ross. More about us at We just celebrated in September 2011, our 40th anniversary of researching, doing family histories and the publishing of over 24,000 pages of material on Glengarry County  Ontario and areas. This includes a number of family histories, church records, Gravestone inscriptions.  To see our titles go to

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