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the MacDonalds of Loup are growing, version 4 coming

The MacDonalds of Loup, Lundie, Fraser
connections are growing, version 4 will be launched in early January 2013.

Do you have a Glengarry family connection. Is it a Mac, O'Connor, Weir, McNaughton, Fraser, McDougald, Kavanagh,  O'Brien, etc.

The MacDonalds of Loup are growing. Version 4 has now grown to over 20,080 entries. This version 4 includes many church records of baptisms, marriages

Version 4 has over 8,900 new entries from Version 3.Total entries over 20,080. will be available on CD.

This work is a excellent GUIDELINE, not the absolute unshakeable truth on a particular family. Use it as a Guideline & your perspective on your family. Is it perfect, NO!, will it be useful to the viewer, certainly, from a little to a lot. It will raise questions as well as provide answers. Is all the information accurate. That depends on how accurate the information was to begin with. We all know from experience that ages of a person are very seldom constant or given accurately.

This work deals mainly with the Macs of Glengarry County over the past 200 years and their connection by marriage. There are a number of couples who married as 2nd or 3rd cousins. This aspect along can assist in fine tuning the accuracy of the information included, provided that this info can be deduced and found as well as properly interpreted.

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There is a pre launch special on til December 31, 2012.

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