Thursday, December 27, 2012

Major Donald McDonald died Jun 1850

Just got this e mail looking for ancestors

Name: Dennis Greene

E-mail: digreene007 @

surnames: Major Donald McDonald , Cornwall 1837-43

query: Donald McDonald, came to Stormont circa 1834 with following family Isabella Anderson wife.; Alex. St. John b. June 24; Donald, 1822: Colin 1824; John 1825; Peter 27; Isabella; Maria; Jessie 1833.

He served in the Peninsular War became Ensign 1812; Lieutenant 1815; half-pay 1816 Waterloo medal and 10 clasps, Capt. and Major in Glengary Militia.

Purchased land in Glengary ? and Died & buried in St. Andrews, West.

There seems to be a paucity of info re this family...Do you have any info Father?, Mother? specific clan? of Donald 1786-1850)

Thanks much. I would like to purchase Father John's Diary of Deaths, if you think that would help

Love and Cheers, Dennis Greene, Donald is my GGGrandfather.

Major Donald McDonald died Jun 22 1850 St Andrews West  added by awf

Any assistance would be welcomed contact Dennis. Thank you
Alex W Fraser

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