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Sophia Kennedy & the Anglican Cemetery is for St. Lawrence Church Cemetery

Sophia Kennedy & the Anglican Cemetery is  for St. Lawrence Church Cemetery  Coteau du Lac, Quebec

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Anyone have any comments or observations that could assist Bruce.
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I have recently found a burial record for a long lost relative.  I am hoping with your knowledge of the cemeteries in the area you can provide some insight.

Sophia Kennedy was born to William Kennedy and Elizabeth Corson on 17 May 1839 and baptized 8 Jul 1839 in Middlebie, Dumfries, Scotland:

She and her parents and 10 brothers and sisters emigrated from Scotland to Québec City in the late spring/early summer of 1841 (they are found in Maxwelltown, Kirkudbrightshire, Scotland on the 1841 Census taken the 6th of June).

We have wondered for a while what happened to Sophia as though her parents and the other younger children are found on the 1852 Census in Quebec City she is not.  Recently, while looking at her mother’s entry in Donald Whytes’ “Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada before Confederation” OGS, Toronto, 1986 we noticed a entry for a Sophia Kennedy, aged 2 years dying in New Edinburgh, Russell Co. on 3 Dec 1841 dau of William K. in Muiryhill.

This entry was found with one for a Thomas Kennedy aged 22 dying 8 Feb 1842, same father, same place of death.  This entry is likely for the eldest son who we had also failed to find a record of his death until this point.

New Edinburg refers to the village of New Edinburgh, now a part of the City of Ottawa but which was, until 1887 part of Gloucester Twp..  Gloucester Twp. was, in turn, part of Russell Co. up until 1838 when it was transferred to Carleton Co. so Mr. Whyte can be excused for his confusion (the original sources in the Dumfries and Galloway Herald and Advertiser list the place of death simply as  “New Edinburgh village, Upper Canada”) as to the County.

We know from obituaries that the family spent a couple of years in Bytown after immigration then returned to Ste. Foy, Québec Co. foreight years before eventually joining their elder children who had become established in Pembroke and surrounding Townships in Renfrew Co.

Searching the Drouin Collection in the off-chance either of these children were buried in Alymer/Hull I came across a record for a Sophia Kennedy buried in 1841 at Coteau-du-Lac Anglican church: which seemed promising.  After examining the document I am certain this is the correct person as the date of death matches as does the parent’s forenames.  Why the family was in Soulanges is another mystery. Why she was interred in an Anglican cemetery can likely be explained due to the Presbyterian church not being present in Coteau-du-Lac until 1843.

Our working hypothesis at this time is the family was delayed in Québec at arrival due to the birth of a child in mid September then were attempting to travel to Bytown overland when Sophia died en-route.

Do you know where the Anglican Cemetery is for St. Lawrence Church and whether a monument might exist?  I live in Ottawa and am willing to make the trip to Coteau-duLac but doing so without a clear idea of where the cemetery is located would not be a good use of time.


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