Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Glengarry Place for the Arts

The Glengarry Place for the Arts 

A wee bit about uS ... 

The Glengarry Place for the Arts is a community based non-profit corporation who's mandate is 

"To provide a place of learning for Celtic arts, fiddlers, dancers, pipers drummers, etc; to provide a meeting place to promote and encourage interest in a knowledge of Celtic Culture and to recognize those individuals and organizations who have contributed to the Celtic culture in Glengarry county. 

In. 2003 We commissioned a feasibility study which involved most of the Celtic groups in Glengarry, and the results of which will soon be available on-line.  We will be applying for funding under an HRDC Job creation program to obtain assistance in implementing some of the strategies outlined in the feasibility study and upgrade our website and services, including our Events Calendar.

When the organizers of the annual St Andrew's Ball decided to drop the event. the GPA stepped up and took over the reins, and this year we will be hosting the event again.

In March we held the first St Patrick Day Talent Contest and Show involving students from the local High School and featuring a poster contest for the local primary Schools. This event was to be a fund-raiser for the Glengarry Pipe Band (grade 4) to assist them in the purchase of new equipment.

In April we were successful in having April 6th proclaimed as Tartan Day, and we hope to make this annual day become more popular in years to come.

The eight member Board of Directors iS elected from the membership on an annual basis and meets on the first Wednesday each month.  Board meetings are open to anyone and everyone is encouraged to participate 
For more information, our address is; 
PO Box 331 Alexandria. ON, K0C 1AO 

post by Alex W Fraser  from a flyer handout
Courtenay, BC
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