Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cape Breton Celtic Colours Festival October

The toe taping music says it all.
 Experience Celtic Colours
October 6-13th, 2012

Buddy MacDonald and Rachel Davis, along with Celtic Colours Marketing Manager, Devon Strang took a little trip around the island this summer, dropping off our Celtic Colours Program Guides.

Be sure to pick up your copy so you don't miss buying tickets to your favourite shows, learn about all of the Community Cultural Experiences in store around the island, and use our handy, detachable map to make getting around to all your experiences with ease. If you can't access a copy, don't fret! We have a full digital version available for download from our website. Please visit:

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

A mystery to Solve; Harriets "parents" were Christopher Larocque /La Roche/ Roche, etc. and Madeline ( Thompson/Tomson)

Received this e mail- Maybe some one has come across other helpful references for Lois
Harriets "parents" were Christopher Larocque /La Roche/ Roche, etc. and Madeline ( Thompson/Tomson)

Thanks Alex, I already have this info from your Books, but was hoping it may have been condensed. I was in touch with The Anglican Archives also but they say because it was a Presbyterian Minister they can't be sure Harriet was even buried there. They don't know where, IF she was, as there is no record. 
The Freeholder said she was..........It sounds like William was buried where he was -in the long uncut grass at the back of the Cemetery [St John's Anglican, lancaster, Ontario] near the fence for a reason also, although all census records say they were white, .........a mystery to solve !! 
According to my records Harriets "parents" were Christopher Larocque /La Roche/ Roche, etc. and Madeline ( Thompson/Tomson) Madelines' parents are listed as Edouard Thomson and Mary Gervais of Williamstown. 
Edouard Thomson (a black man) was given 176 acres of land at Lancaster by King Edward after the 1812 war and this was passed on to his daughter Madeline. Not sure why I'm telling you all this, but hoping you may come up with some thing some day from it all.
Thanks again
Lois C Brooks Martintown Ontario (613) 528-1649

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

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Grace Campbell - Thornapple Tree
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Grace Campbell was born Grace MacLennan Grant Campbell near Williamstown in Glengarry Glengarry, of Highland and Loyalist ancestry, on the farm which is the scene of Thorn-Apple Tree. The farm a United Empire Loyalist grant from King George 111 to John grant, her great-grandfather, has been in continuous possession of the family since 1784. She was educated at local schools, entering Queen's University with the MacLennan Glengarry scholarship from Williamstown High School. On her graduation in 1915 she obtained the gold medal in English Literature.

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Genealogy Tip of the Day: Can't Transcribe that Word?

Genealogy Tip of the Day: Can't Transcribe that Word?: When transcribing a document that has one word that is difficult to read, try typing in the mystery word and two words before it and two wor...

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