Thursday, July 19, 2012

Glengarry County & Area Web page update

The GPSSV site  has been up for years, since at least 1998 for some pages. I am taking an e commerce course and one of the aspects is updating my pages, to freshen them up.  So far on this journey I have now done over 93 pages with more to come.  Among these pages updated are Gravestones of Glengarry, Alexs & Rhoda book page

This is a slow process but is getting done. When finished the site content may look the same, nevertheless I am working on making the links more co-ordinated.

Am working on Version 4 of My MacDonalds of Loup, Lundie & Fraser connections. At present there are more the 18,300 entries logged with in many cases Baptisms, marriages or deaths to  back up same.  This work even with the back up information is none the less only a guideline from my perspective. This may or may not meet with your perspective initially but when it does it will back up the accuracy of the information on a particular family.  Also due to the many similar names like John, Mary Catherine, Alex, there can not help but have duplication of names in this list. Fine tuning to cut down of such duplication will just take time as well as more complete documentation.  One thing that has come up repeatedly is that although the names of the people, parents, children  are correct, it doesn't always mean that they are the correct person for that family. In this regard I have included a number of cautions when dealing with such families.

Version 4 will end up with between 19 & 20,000 entries with documentation listed in family notes as well as some in the web pages of the format being used. This is between 8 and 9,000 additional new entries above what was in Version 3. This material update is presently in the 2 gig size.

I have also just finished the 1st session, draft of indexing the BMD of St Raphaels for the period 1805 - 1834 inclusive. This has over 4800 entries. 
There are 22 heading being used are as follows.
Christian Name, surname, item [B1, M1, D1 etc.], birth year, month, day,  baptised date, father, mother, married year,  spouse, death year, death date, buried year, location [lot & concession, city when available], sponsor godfather, sponsor godmother, priest, witnesses, ref [ for St Raphaels the ref is SRAP] notes, age.

Not all category headings will have information available, maybe in time some of these blank entries can be filled in from other sources.

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