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The King MacDonalds Part 2 of Glengarry County & Nova Scotia

John Sandfield MacDonald from cover of book  of same.
The King Macdonalds Part 2
John ‘KING’ MacDonell UEL ca 1740-1816

This journey started with the finding of the obituary death notice of Margaret E Kennedy who died in Feb 1905 that I came across in the Glengarry News which stated that she was a niece of John Sandfield MacDonald and both were member so the King MacDonald/ells.

Margaret Mrs John S Kennedy was indeed a member of the King MacDonalds/ells dau of Alexander son of Catherine MacDonell dau of Alex bui King MacDonald son of John King MacDonell.

Margaret was not a niece of the Sandfield MacDonald brothers  based on available present information.

Part 1 of this outline left unanswered questions which may or may not be clarified in the following updated outline.

Part 1 can be view in My MacDonalds of Loup, Lundie & Fraser line connections Version 3 under Margaret MacDonell- Mrs John S Kennedy. The article April 2011 is titled -- Is Margaret-Macdonald-Mrs-John-S-Kennedy-1841-1905-Rockland-Ontario-Actually-a-niece-of-the-Hon-John-Sandfield-MacDonald-The-King-MacDonalds-MacDonell Part1-- and  can be viewed  at    http://scr.bi/ILjtZM

In Part 2 of this outline. I hope to clarify at least in part some of the confusion surrounding the King MacDonald/ell family. The possibility does exists that there are indeed 2 such  John "KING" MacDonald/ell families based on the available information that I am aware off.

Which one does the Sandfield MacDonalds belong to is the question.

For the complete article & documentation go to The King MacDonalds Part 2, Glengarry County & Nova Scotia    http://www.scribd.com/doc/96907306

Photo of John Sandfield MacDonald from cover of book  of same name by B W Hodgins.

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