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John and Catherine Kennedy of Auchterawe Scotland


Received a few  emails from a Garry MacDonell of Australia looing for assistance in sorting out his MacDonells who might be of the MacDonells of Antrim

Can any one offer him some Guidance. He does not believe any of his family were in Canada

Below is the info I received

thanks you for any help you might be able to provide Garry.
take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser

sent in Sept 2011

Howdy mate.
Grave marker of John & Catherine

I dont know when John Macdonell and his wife were born or when they died..
their children are
1. Catherine 1823-24  died 1883
2. Alexander 1796
3.Ewen 1799  died 1868
4. John 1800 died 1862 in Australia  came to Australia in 1839 on ship Asia  with his wife Ann MacDonald, daughter of Donald MacDonald and Elizabeth MacDonald. married around 1822
5. Anne 1806  came to Australia in 1839 on ship Asia
6. Neil 1809  came to Australia  in 1839 on ship Asia
7. Angus  1810  died 1901  buried  at Auchterawe  lot no 23.
Donald  1811 died 1876  in Australia,  he was a teacher in Australia

Ewen joined the army in 20-1-1814 as Ensign/2nd Lieutenant.. Lieutenant  on 27-3-1823   he was made Captain in 6-5-1837. and retired on half pay in 28-11-1837
He was in the 61st Gloucestershire  of foot

The Catherine MacDonell at Auchterawe lot 18 is the daughter in law of John and Catherine...
Sacred to the memory of Catherine MacDonell, innkeeper, Lochend... erected by her sister  in law Catherine MacDonell Lochend. This was Catherine MacDonald proven to be a sister of Ewen and John.
The 1851 census shows Alexander MacDonell (55) b. Glingerry (sic) innkeeper, Lochend, Catherine 50, Elizabeth 14.

 it looks like that is as far as i can go with this as well or untill someone joins their family to mine..

page from book on MacDonells of Antrim
garry MacDonell

sent on June 12 2012

I have nothing back further then my G G GREAT Grandparents John and Catherine Kennedy of Auchterawe Scotland...what i do have is a book that was in my family from the 1800s called
An Historical Account of the Macdonnells of Antrim
Rev. George Hill 1873
In this book is a reference to John Roe and my great Grandfather and Granfather believed this was THE Ian Ruadh ?????
a copy of the book page is included.
garry MacDonell
 lockuanagan @ hotmail.com    Australia

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