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by Royce MacGillivray

Two Glengarrians who were living in England in the 1920s have been particularly well remembered in Canada: Sir Edward Peacock and Sir Donald Macmaster. Peacock, who was born at St. Elmo in 1871, eleven years after Ralph Connor was born there, was a merchant banker, a director of the Bank of England, a financial advisor to the royal family, and the director of an impressive number of international companies. Macmaster, born at Williamstown in 1846, was nearing the end of a long and spectacularly successful life as the 1920s began. He had been MLA for Glengarry from 1879 to 1882, and MP from 1882 to 1887, while maintaining his career as one of the best known and most highly paid Canadian lawyers of his time. In 1905, at the age of 59, he moved to England to represent his Montreal law firm there. In effect, he began a new career, as a member of the English bar, and as a member of the British Parliament from 1910 to 1921.

Another Glengarrian living in England in the early 1920s was Mrs David Fraser. Born Harriet (Hattie) Cameron, and a niece of the legendary prospector Cariboo Cameron, she had married David Fraser, the son of Col. Alexander Fraser of Fraser's Point. David Fraser is one of those historical figures whose contemporary importance is hard for posterity to judge because it depended on their peculiar gifts of personality, which only the people who knew them in the flesh could share. Best remembered today as the secretary and political agent of Big Rory McLennan, he seems to have been adored by everyone who knew him. His obituary in the Glengarry News described him as "one of Glengarry's most widely known and illustrious sons." David Fraser died in 1899 at the early age of 44, leaving his widow and three children. ..........
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