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Moses Genereau about the year 1900 he had a wife, Margaret LaVallee, Martintown, Ontario

Received this message last month & include it here in case some reader can help answer his request.
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Alex W  Fraser

From:     rlord333@nycap.rr.com
    Subject:     martintown-genereau
    Date:     2 April, 2012 7:14:50 PM PDT
    To:     Alex W Fraser <info@glengarrycounty.com>

noticed your book of history of Martintown, I doubt that my ancestor is mentioned but was hoping you might have run accross this - his name was Moses Genereau about the year 1900 he had a wife, Margaret LaVallee, pregnat and 7 children probably before the month of June he was in the tavern with a young girl Ann MacCarthy a fight broke out and he shot a colored man, the town residence stripped him and Ann of their cloths and tarred and feathered them, then carried them around town dumping them in a stream next to his house, his son Alex King[really Alex Genereau], told me this story in 1969 when he was 95 years old.  After they cleaned the tar and feathers off Moses and Ann went to Michigan, 6 years later he came back using the name James Cummings picked up his wife and children and crossed into N.Y, were they had 5 more children. a very forgiving wife

Could you suggest where I might find more information about this, the name of the tavern, name of colored man, The Provinciual police took me to this Alex King's home but that was years ago how can I locate this house now, did Alex have a family? Moses known by me as James Cummings had very loyal children none of them ever told the story, as a child I knew somthing was wrong about my grandmothers tales of the family but it took years to unravel all of it==I am 86 years old and would like to complete the story .

I have published a book about the Genereau family tracing it back to 1300's, but the chapter about Moses needs to be finished
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,  Robert Lord  rlord333@nycap.rr.com

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