Thursday, May 3, 2012

A favour to complete


For quite a while now has had a listing of about 15 or so of our titles on their webs site. At the same time many of these titles, except Gravestones of Glengarry Vol 1 and 2 were listed as out of print as well unavailable or limited availability.  This misrepresentation didn't do me or our books any favour in that aspect even though our titles have always been available direct from us.

Recently I found a way to up date these listing on I was so far able to upload 11 cover images, add info on title and provide a price for each.

Now that this page is online and visible  at

I have a big favour to ask of each of you the reader.  Go to this page click on 1 or more of the titles and kindly like as many of them as you choose.  Also feel free to leave a comment  good bad or indifferent for any or all titles. Do both make an interesting comment and also click the like button.

Thanks you for this random act of kindness. It is very much appreciated that your are taking the time to comment on  and or like these items

As this process begins to work, then it will become possible to get more of my titles onto the pages.

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