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our 40th anniversary update Alex W Fraser, Rhoda Ross journey with Glengarry county history

                        By Alex W Fraser, Rhoda Ross
The Glengarry Genealogical Society
Courtenay, BC
         Jan 2012

The year 2011 has been completed as has our 40th anniversary. The year 2012 in just beginning as we go forward to our 41st Anniversary on this journey that I started in September 1971 from an inspired desire that led to my doing my Frasers, MacDonalds, MacDonells  family history.

Back then, there was no local archives to preserve local history so my efforts went in that direction.  In 1974 the Glengarry Genealogical Society was formed. In 1976 & 1978 the 1st two volumes of Gravestones of Glengarry came out, volume 1 Williamstown, Volume 2 South Lancaster to Bainsville. Rhoda Ross got involved in early 1977.

Forty years later, we have published over 24,000 pages of material in preserving local history of Glengarry County and area.  

 This is equivalent to about 150 single title books of about 160 pages each.   For instance The St Finnan’s BMD name index was 800 pages in 3 volumes, the Charles Edgar family history was about 500 pages, The Duncan McKay family history was over 600 pages, the McNaughtons of Glengarry 4 volume work was about 1600 pages. My MacDonalds of Loup, Lundie, Fraser line connections Version 3 on CD if printed out would be more than 800 pages.  For a photo journey of some of these titles check out

This past year has seen the completion of Gravestones of Glengarry Volumes, 5 Kirk Hill, Volume 6 Breadalbane, Volume 7 Lochiel [St Alexander, St Paul, Glen Robertson], Volume 8 Glen Nevis - Dalhousie Mills, volume 4 Alexandria published 2008,  more info at  My MacDonalds of Loup, Lundie, Fraser line connections Version 3 on CD with over 11,200 entries and documentation,  more info at

I just finished  completing the name index for St Andrews BMD Williamstown to 1914 in 2 volumes.  under the following headings Surname Christian Middle Father Mother Year Date Bapt date Spouse Location item Ref Notes. Volume 1 for the period 1779-1805,  was done in 1999, volume 2 1805-1914 Dec 2011  more info at

All research brings up contradiction, glitches and discrepancies as the material came about by a number of perspectives in which the viewer adds a new perspective. The work we have done has most of these aspects, nevertheless it is a guide for sorting out family connections with our belief that it has been beneficial to many across North America who are interested in their Glengarry & area connections.

What does the future hold for us;  The completion of the Gravestones of Glengarry series,  My MacDonalds of Loup, Lundie, Fraser line connections Version 4 on CD , more indexing and whatever else comes about in our journey in helping people more easily find what they are looking for in their Glengarry & Area connections.

At present these works are available in hard copy plus shipping;  PDF format on CD shipping included, down the road the possibility of being turned into e books for instant download from a web page.

To all those who made the choice to support our efforts these past 40 years with the purchase of our titles our sincere thank you.

Take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser      Rhoda Ross
Courtenay, BC
250-338-6334  or 866-517-2113

MacDonalds of Loupe, Lundie & Fraser line connections

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