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Malcolm MacCrimmon died November 24, 1887 in Kenyon Twp.

Just received this query and am listing it here in the hopes that others may be able to assist Sylvia.  My response is below.

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This is the Query
I am doing research on MacCrimmons.  I cannot find an obituary for a Malcolm MacCrimmon died November 24, 1887 in Kenyon Twp.  He and his wife are buried at the United Church at Kirk Hill.  I have found their tombstone.

Nor can I find the obituary for his wife Isabella (MacLennan) MacCrimmon d. June 22, 1883.   They were married in Glenelg Inverness Scotland.

I am trying to find out who their parents were and if they had any siblings?

Any suggestions would be most appreciated?

Sylvia Lothian   Sylvia Lothian

My response
There are no local Glengarry County papers prior to 1892. The Glengarry News is the local paper every since 1892.

If there is an obituary then, I suggest you try the Witness or Gazatte or Star in Montreal which seems the more logical direction to go.  Maybe some Ottawa Papers as well.

Another possibility is can you find his land records, lot & concession #,?  Did he leave a will.  Here you might desire to contact the Glengarry Archives in Williamstown, Ontario  Contact Penny call 1-613-347-2356 or e mail sirjohnjohnson @ sympatico.ca

Another book that may be of assistance is Lochaber to Skye 1794-1987 by Madeleine MacCrimmon & Donaldson MacLeod. There are MacCrimmon references listed in this work.

Hoping this helps

Take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser
Courtenay, BC

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