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Dalkeith History Society

*From the Glengarry News of Nov 11th, 2010 under the Dalkeith column by Jean MacLennan
Photo is also from the paper, Glengarry News
REMEMBER THE FENClBLES: Allan J. Macdonell spoke on 'Remembering our Fencibles' at the Dalkeith Library on Saturday morning. The event, organized by the Dalkeith History Club, served as the community's Remembrance Day ceremony.

Dalkeith History hosted a Remembrance Day activity at Counties Library Dalkeith Branch on Nov. 6, Our guest speaker Mr. Allan J. Macdonell spoke to us about the Glengarry Fencibles. The title of the talk was "Remembering OUR Fencibes" with an interesting bit of information surrounding the word OUR. Mr. Macdonell pointed out that some members were given land as an appreciation for their loyalty. These were our common ancestors. Another interesting point brought up was the role women played in the Fencibles history. It was a thoroughly fascinating and enjoyable talk. We hope to have a copy of his talk available at the library for all to see

Dalkeith History has been negotiating with the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall concerning the status of the building currently known as ST. Paul's Chapel. Bishop Paul-Andre Durocher is now willing to let us have the building for ONE DOLLAR provided we pay for the severance which could cost around $5000.00

Dalkeith History will host a public meeting on Saturday, Nov. 13 at 10.30 am. at Counties Library Dalkeith Branch. We wish to update the interested public on these negotiations and to initiate discussions on turning this building into a community heritage centre. We hope to have a good turnout and we extend to you and yours a cordial welcome.

Dalkeith History thinks this would be good for the community but we cannot do it alone. We think we have community support, but now we need commitment of that support. Think about it.  
Dalkeith History already has a considerable collection of family history memorabilia and artifacts, thanks to contributions from our residents. It would be nice for this collection to have a permanent home as well as a place for the collection of family histories to expand and a place for residents and visitors to come. If you have any interest in the project, now is the time to show your support. The Diocese wants a written and financial commitment very soon.
A big thanks to George MacLeod for sharing his collection of family history and memorabilia.  Much Appreciated.

Thanks to all who have turned in recipes. We'll be working on the cookbook very soon.

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