Monday, June 7, 2010

MacDonald of Loup, Lundie, Fraser ancestry update

I am presently working on Version 3 of this work. At present, I am adding my Kennedy family file.

Since about the early 1980's I have had a POUPORE Family chart sent to me by Rev.Lawrence K Poupore of Chapleau Quebec area. The size of the chart is 40 by 76 inches long

This Poupore chart has about 1400 entries, to which I have added an additional bunch. It was done for 1967. The MacDonells as well as the Kennedys listed on this chart, I believe have a connection to Glengarry county, but I haven't completely figured that out yet.

Nevertheless this chart will be included in Version 3 of this work, either as a part of it or as a separate file, depending on my success at linking the families to what I have done in this work on the MacDonald of Loup, Lundie, Fraser lines.

As I add more info to this work, it is taking me in all family connection directions. Due to the various duplication of names, there can't help but be some glitches in viewing this work. Many cousins are getting married, which in time will be an assistance in staying on the correct family lines.

Remember, I am looking at it from one perspective, you the viewer are doing so from a totally different perspective and perception, thus, things will some times feel, be or look out of place, even thou the information looks correct, has the correct names, it will not necessarily mean that it is the correct people being listed.

More info on Version 2 can be found Also check out the list of Surnames.