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Oct 2012   update  as viewers have found out  the link for no longer works. At present I have no idea how to contact this group. New info welcomed    contact me at  info @  Thanks   Alex W Fraser

Hello Alex

We have your name from Graham MacDonell in Edinburgh and hope you don’t mind us contacting you regarding Glengarry County, Ontario.

Have you seen, or heard about It is a website set up to sell small plots of land in Invergarry, Inverness-shire Scotland. The current owner of the River Garry and it’s immediate adjoining land, Paul Williamson, does not have the time to manage it, so has put it into a trust in order to secure its sustainable maintenance and regeneration for the future benefit of river users and local people alike. The website gives details of the sort of work that the income from the sale of these plots will help fund.

The website’s unique feature is the ability to see each individually identifiable plot of land from the air, in detail that is a stunning 8 times greater than Google Earth, and then go on to buy plots. There has been an enthusiastic buy-in to the idea from Clan Donald members around the world, with a number of families buy up to 10 plots each next to each other.

Although it is still early days take-up of the plots is progressing well but we are keen to ensure that, amongst clan Donald members, there is maximum awareness of the opportunity. Paul Williamson has always preferred that as much of the land as possible would return to those whose heritage it represents.

We are, therefore, looking at a number of marketing and communication options and would welcome your comments and any input you feel able to give. This is going to be quite a long email so we greatly appreciate your time.

1 Schools Project
We have got the local school at Invergarry working on a project whereby the pupils research what the inside of Invergarry castle might have looked like back in the 1700s. The children are reproducing their ideas in drawings, paintings and models etc, which will be reviewed by the local archaeologist and historian. We will then incorporate the most apt ideas into the Invergarry castle that we have recreated in the online virtual world, Second Life.

We wonder if there are possibilities of getting other clan children from around the world involved as well. For instance, if we could involve any schools in the US, Canada, and New Zealand there could be the potential for creating closer links with their heritage and it would offer some excellent publicity. We have established a possible couple of schools in Australia. Having a school in Glengarry County join in would be a great story.

Each school could then submit a portfolio of the work, electronically from the overseas schools. Aspects that were felt to capture the essence of life in the castle would be used in the Second Life recreation.

We will provide the school with plans of the castle that can be downloaded in PDF format.

The children could, for instance, look at internal decorations, the life and dress of its inhabitants, the meals they would have cooked and eaten etc and reproduce their ideas via drawings, models and written work. I am sure that we could then get key elements sent to us electronically for evaluation.

Each school that submits ideas would be given a free plot in the school’s name.

I guess there might be difficulty will be in getting a whole school involved in the same way as in Invergarry but, alternatively, could we find a number of families who would be interested in getting involved as a home project? This might catch the eye of the local press and create wider interest.

Is there is any town ‘twinning’ with Invergarry that you know of, or indeed any interest in doing this, that could help initiate?

2 Links from websites to
We would like to email, along the following lines, all the relevant clan branch websites asking if they would be willing to put up a link to Do you feel that this would be acceptable. Any comments and contacts will be most welcome.
Buy back the Clan Donald heritage land – website link
The bed of the River Garry and its immediately adjacent land in Glen Garry, the heart of the ancient Clan Donald homeland in Inverness-shire, has been put into Trust, to ensure its sustainability for future generations.

In order to provide the Trust with the necessary funding, a website, has been launched to help return this important part of the Clan Donald homeland to clan members.

The website provides funding, via the Myglengarry Trust, for the upkeep, maintenance and regeneration of the land and the river Garry, by selling 1 metre square uniquely identifiable plots of land. Visitors can see form the air, at detail that is a stunning eight times greater than Google Earth, the actual plots available – something no other ‘souvenir plot’ website can provide.

The website has already welcomed clan visitors from around the world. Many of these visitors have taken up the opportunity to purchase small plots of land within the Glen, both for themselves and as gifts for family and friends. The personal messages that have been left on the website’s community pages express the depth of attachment they obviously feel for their ancestral roots and their desire to help ensure the Glen’s beauty is sustainable for future generations.

To make sure that as many clan members as possible know of this project and opportunity, would you be willing to help the Trust by providing a link of some kind from your website to

We do, of course, appreciate that you may have questions you wish answered or require additional information before agreeing to this, so please do not hesitate to contact trustee Paul Williamson on +44 (0)1603 872331 or

In addition, we are working on update stories around take-up e.g. which sections of the Glen are proving particularly popular etc and will gather supporting comments from plot owners as to their reasons for buying. These will be distributed to the various newsletter editors we know of.

3 Facebook
We have started a group on in the hope of getting in touch with more Clan Donald members. It is an open group and if you would like to join and add comments etc please go to:
You will need to become a facebook member if you are not one already.


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