Thursday, February 7, 2008

Alex W Fraser's February 2008 Book announcements


by Ewan Ross, 1971, over 170 pages, 8.5 X11, updated with a name index and addenda 2007, ISBN13 - 978-0921307-17-4, illustrated, deals with the Thomas 'Taylor' Ross family descendant line.
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Gravestones of Glengarry

Volume 4 -- Alexandria

Consisting of the following 4 Alexandria, Ontario cemeteries

Church on the Hill Cemetery

Precious Blood Monastery Cemetery

Sacred Heart/Sacre Coeur Cemetery

St Finnans Cemetery

with combined name index of just over 4900 entries from 1230 gravestones under these headings

Surname Christian Birth Year Stone # Notes

300 pages or so

To be published March 2008

ISBN 978-0-921307-27-3 print- cerlox/comb bound softcover

ISBN 978-0-921307-29-7 pdf format

Cost $60.00 + shipping & handling

Feb 08 Special -- Free Shipping on all PAID orders RECEIVD BY FEB 28TH, 2008 for Gravestones of Glengarry Volume 4 -- Alexandria and shipped upon publication

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The McNaughton's Of Glengarry County, Ontario and Area --- to be published in 3 volumes

by Rhoda P Ross,

Volume 1, A to D

ISBN 978-0-921307-31-0 printed cerlox/comb softcopy

Coming Spring 2008

If interested in obtaining this work Contact Us -- toll free 1-866-338-6334

An Introduction from volume 1 forward.

This is an announcement of a work consisting of a 3 volume set, around 1000 pages with an index in each volume, on the McNaughton Families of Glengarry and area, which includes Soulanges County in Quebec and some from Stormont County. In some McNaughton families, the descendants have been found across both Canada and the USA. Volume 1 consists of those so listed whose christian name begins with A, B, C, and D.

I know I have not included all the McNaughton families from Glengarry but I hope I have found most of them. I did not do any research in the Scottish records for Scotland, I will leave that up to you.

Volume 1 A to D, around 450 pages, has a number of family tree charts, many obituaries, numerous baptisms, marriages, death records.

christian names E - Z will be divided between Volume 2 and 3

Index to Volume 2 in Volume 2

Index to Volume 3 in Volume 3

Combined Index Volume 3

More details, visit

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Details on cost etc will be made available later.

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